Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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Friday, April 15, 2005

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Killing Pablo

It only took me about 2 months, but this weekend I got hooked. I love reading, but I'm extremely picky about what I read. I have to be into the book. About 1/2 the books I buy, I don't read b/c I cannot get into them. Nevertheless, after spending 3 or 4 weeks reading the first 50 pages of Mark Bowden's (the guy who wrote Black Hawk Down) Killing Pablo, I knocked out the last 210 or 220 pages this Saturday.

The book tracks the rise of the infamous Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar, his arrest and escape from "prison" (read the book and you'll know why prison is in quototation marks), and his killing by Colombian Search Bloc forces (with at the very least, intelligence from U.S. forces in Colombia).

Apart from the picture the reader gets of Pablo (he is the career thug who professes to have the standard righteous motives for his criminal exploits), the most fascinating thing about the book is the ambiguous nature his drug network. On one hand, it is barbaric---kidnappings, killings, torture----nothing unique to a criminal enterprise netting billions of dollars per year in the 1980s. Opposed to this, one gets a picture of a brooding, thoughtful, and strategic business planner (I know how weird this sounds) who consolidates markets, brings his competitors into his own cartel, buys airplanes, submarines, etc. Needless to say, the dichotomy is probably the most intriguing aspect of the story.

I could probably write a book endorsing this book, but just do yourself and read it on your own. It is insightful and unbelievably interesting.

Why can't I be Jack Bauer?

Television last night was superb. Brit Hume, Idol, 24, The Ultimate Fighter. I could not have been happier . . . until I went to sleep, knowing that upon awakening, I would come back to the tediousness of law school. Why can't I find the manual override and prevent nuclear meltdown at 6 plants? Why can't I sing "Let's Get it On" to the screaming approval of hundreds of fans? Or better, why can't I quit school and train to be a professional fighter? Why not? The obvious answer is that all the other occupations require talent in particular areas----talents I regretfully (and obviously in the case of singing) do not possess. Thus, I suppose I will content myself with my heavenly Monday television schedule and the dreams that certainly follow, though I need not pretend to think that I will not awake in the morning, drive to Athens, and continue studying the federal income tax consequence of annuities. What a life!